2017 Water Sweep

SAFETY—Our first priority!

Make sure your Water Sweep clean-up event is SAFE for all volunteers.

Site Captains: Please have the following supplies at each cleanup event:
• First Aid Kit
• Bug Spray
• Sunscreen
• Bucket or coffee can for dangerous, sharp trash items
• Cell phone
• Clear directions to your cleanup site (in case you need to give them to emergency services.)
Important: Please make sure all volunteers work together in groups of three or more. This way, if one were to be injured, at least two other people will be nearby to help.
A Few Things to Remember
• Parent supervision is essential for all children.
• If a youth group wants to take part in your cleanup event, make sure they bring enough chaperones for the children. Depending on the children's age, you should have one adult for every three to five children.
• Make sure you wear proper clothes for the cleanup. It is always colder along the water so bring additional warm clothes with you.
• Dressing in layers can keep you warm even in cool weather, for example, long pants, turtleneck, sweater, jacket, windbreaker, and hat.
• In case of rain, wear wool or waterproof clothes. They will keep you warm even when wet.
Wear gloves and sturdy shoes for the cleanup. Glass or other debris can be sharp and dangerous.
• On hot or sunny days, you should have at least a quart of water, juice, or soft drinks. Drinking fluids throughout the day can keep you from getting overtired or having a headache.
• Be sure to use sunscreen.

Clothes volunteers should wear
• Windbreaker or jacket
• Sweater
• Long pants
• Shorts and T-shirt for hot weather
• Sturdy shoes
• Gloves, for example gardening gloves, dish gloves, or disposable gloves
• Hat, either sun hat or wool hat depending on the weather

Safety During the Cleanup for Children
• Stay with your group members at all times.
• ONLY adults should pick up dangerous or sharp trash items! These items should not be placed in a trash bag, as they could harm someone. Place sharp items in a bucket or can for separate disposal.
• Children should not go near or into the water.
• Keep your shoes on at all times to protect your feet from harm.
• Keep out of dunes and do not step on any plants.
• Do not touch any wildlife that you find or taste any water or plants.
• Call an adult immediately if you find any stranded animal.
• Call an adult immediately if you find any dangerous item, such as a syringe, large drum, chemical container, or medical waste.

After the cleanup
• Do not eat any food without first carefully washing your hands.

Thank you for your concern in improving Louisiana's rivers, streams and beaches!